Monday, February 7, 2011

Most of the articles we see about cloud computing address the concept from a technical point of view.

Up the ante in the ‘cloud' game, with APPU

Gone are those days when we were stuck, sitting in front of our computer to manage both our personal and professional computing needs, because cloud computing has liberated us from the need for a powerful computer on our desks ... K. Varadharajan, CEO of Chennai-based CloudsDirect likes to define cloud computing for non-techies in a way that could resonate with the terminologies they are already familiar with, while he directs techies to read the definition put forth by NIST, as ‘the best and least controversial definition about cloud computing.'


The three pillars of computing include energy-efficient performance, security, and connectivity

Towards seamless computing

Compute continuum was the theme that Praveen Vishakantaiah, President - Intel India, Bangalore ( spoke at length on, during the recent VLSI conference in IIT-Madras. “Intel's vision is to connect and enrich the life of every person on earth,” he declared, during the brief interaction with Business Line, post his presentation. And our conversation continued over email.


Neural implants presently offer limited cure to those suffering from epilepsy and Parkinson's diseases

IT in health

A recent talk jointly organised by the Chennai chapters of the Computer Society of India and the IEEE Computer Society was on ‘Futuristic information and communication technologies and their possible implications for biomedical applications,' by V. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, East Carolina University, US.