Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two major factors affect the current design scene, viz. technology and manufacturing advancements.

They've got designs — on hand-helds

My interaction with M.M. Shah begins with a simple request — to take me through a historical journey of how IT (information technology) has been used in the design process over the years. An industrial designer's job is to understand user needs and make a product that has better aesthetic appeal, begins Shah, Industrial Design Consultant, D-Cube Designs, Chennai (


Sunday, December 19, 2010

True integration of IT with energy management started with ‘building automation systems'

Charge Energy with IT

Green' is bringing in newer opportunities to the use of IT (information technology) in the energy area, avers Govi Rao, President and CEO of US-based Noveda Technologies ( As we have experienced with the Internet, affordable, rapid and universal communication can enable sophisticated transactions, create entirely new business models and move through society with agility and speed (Facebook, Twitter, etc), he reasons, during the course of a recent interaction with eWorld.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Every new technology or methodology introduced or improved requires certain amount of effort to adopt the same

Model-driven approach…

There are two interesting aspects to the Indian market for technology-enabled platforms, begins Venki Muthanna, CEO, AppPoint Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore . On the one hand there is an enormous amount of maturity in terms of technology understanding, and on the other it is a highly value-driven market, he explains, during a recent interaction with eWorld.


Agriculture survives on subsidies, hence the returns and profits are often notional

Professional support that farmers need

India's agriculture economy is a low-growth sector and, in general, very risky, loss-making , with low contribution to GDP.” While this is the standard accepted economists' view, strangely, with recession, sub-prime crisis, corporate scams, now every sector from information technology to retail, once considered the shining stars of India Inc are cutting an even sorrier figure, says Mr Venkata Subramanian, Founder and Managing Director, eFarm, Chennai.