Thursday, October 14, 2010

Content models that increase the CLV will thrive

When eReaders nudge into bookshelves

It is a sunny afternoon, and Pradeep Palazhi, COO of Bangalore-based EC Media International P Ltd (, is cheerful. Understandably so, because only a day ago his company's Wink, the desi eReader, was out in New Delhi with a price tag of less than Rs 12,000.
“I foresee eReaders accelerating a larger trend towards electronic/digital publishing,” he begins, without batting an eyelid, during our interaction for eWorld. “Digital media in publishing is not going to replace printed media. However, it is going to be growing in size and share of the publishing market. More and more content will be published in electronic and printed formats to start off and the balance will tilt towards electronic formats in the future.”


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