Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Location of each segment of business enterprise is one priority

GST impact on business location economics

One key issue on which policy clarity is required, as regards the proposed GST (goods and services tax), is the seamless continuation of excise and tax holidays, and deferments, says M. D. Sudharsan, Vice President-Legal & Secretarial, CavinKare P Ltd, Chennai ( http://bit.ly/F4TMDSudharsan).


As of date, the most outsourced activity within HR seems to be payroll

The way forward for HRO

In today's economy, organisations are taking conscious decisions, to either go for a ‘best shore' approach or for a ‘US only' approach, observes Venkat Tadanki, CEO, Secova, US (http://bit.ly/F4TTadanki). The decisions are not driven by cost alone but by the larger social value that is perceived to be added to the system as a result of the decisions, he adds, during a recent interaction with eWorld.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Retailers using business analytics to forecast consumer buying behaviours.

Optimising analytics for business workloads

Though most organisations currently leverage technologies such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) to propel themselves to greater efficiencies and sales volumes, recent studies show that ‘organisations are making important decisions without access to the right information.' Thus rues Raymond L. Jones, Worldwide Vice-President, System z Software, IBM, US (http://bit.ly/F4TRayJones).


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Content models that increase the CLV will thrive

When eReaders nudge into bookshelves

It is a sunny afternoon, and Pradeep Palazhi, COO of Bangalore-based EC Media International P Ltd (http://bit.ly/F4TPradeepEC), is cheerful. Understandably so, because only a day ago his company's Wink, the desi eReader, was out in New Delhi with a price tag of less than Rs 12,000.
“I foresee eReaders accelerating a larger trend towards electronic/digital publishing,” he begins, without batting an eyelid, during our interaction for eWorld. “Digital media in publishing is not going to replace printed media. However, it is going to be growing in size and share of the publishing market. More and more content will be published in electronic and printed formats to start off and the balance will tilt towards electronic formats in the future.”


Monday, October 4, 2010

'The Indian economy has integrated with the world'

Corporate connectivity hinging on the last mile

For CTOs and CIOs, the choices are so different today than they were ten years ago, observes Ragula Bhaskar, Chairman and Managing Director, Fatpipe Networks, US (http://bit.ly/F4TRagula). Thinking back, getting a line to your office itself was a challenge, he reminisces, during a recent interaction with eWorld. “With very few providers, bandwidth was expensive and of poor quality. Also, the economy was not growing at the rapid rate it has over the last ten years. Companies in India could not afford to buy world class networking products.”