Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The latest technology in behavioural analytics is finding the intent of visitors to a Web site.

Find the intent of visitors to a Web site

When I met Harish Reddy a few weeks ago, it was ‘LeadForce1' that was prominent on his card. And Harish, who heads the APAC operations from Bangalore (http://bit.ly/F4TLeadForce1), spoke about his company's work in ‘Marketing Automation 2.0' or ‘next-generation marketing automation that converts anonymous online visits into qualified sales leads, determines Web site visitor interest and intent, and enables sales teams to reach decision-makers more effectively and close deals faster using patented business intelligence and data mining technology.'
Our conversation continued over e-mail, with the difference that his company's name now is LeadFormix, ‘because of objection from Salesforce.'


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