Monday, April 26, 2010

IT would continue to have a significant role to play to taking the “paper” out of the MRO operations.

IT boost to MRO biz

IT (information technology) will provide considerable help in bringing the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) business to India, avers Ranganathan Jagannathan, General Manager-Projects-Aviation in Ramco Systems, Chennai ( MRO service providers would need to meet the expectations of customers in terms of traceability and regulatory compliances related to parts/employee certifications, work procedures and so on, he elaborates during a recent interaction with eWorld.


A good ERP system provides complete visibility in connection with project budget, timelines and schedules

Payback of IT investment in infrastructure

Today, technology plays an absolutely critical role in improving the efficiency of capital projects as it provides a company complete visibility into the project allowing significant cost control and reducing delays, avers Balaji Sreenivasan, Founder and CEO, Aurigo Software Technologies (


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Technology exists because it serves a business need

IT adoption in manufacturing

Amidst all the sectors, barring probably the construction industry which is still nascent in IT adoption, manufacturing is probably in the evolving side of the curve, feels Uma Balakrishnan, CEO, Axcend Automation & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To an era when TIFR built computers despite challenges

Good old days when India built computers

Current searches for ‘TIFR' on Google news yield stories about the participation of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in the Big Bang experiment. But, even as scientists are in search of the ‘god particle,' my conversation with Prof Sugata Sanyal of the Institute's School of Technology and Computer Science travels back in time… To an era when TIFR built computers despite challenges.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Traditional ERP systems are very expensive and complex to implement

Build ERP into engg, architecture

How do you achieve a successful ERP deployment in an AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) company? By involving the CEO, CFO, and the CTO in the choice of an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for the business, says Balaji Sreenivasan, founder and CEO, Aurigo Software Technologies (P) Ltd, Bangalore.