Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The recovery point is the amount of data that an organisation is willing to lose in case of an outage

Have a ‘recovery' plan before disaster strikes

Early in the morning, after a cup of hot coffee at home, when I meet Lakshman Narayanaswamy in Nageswara Rao park, the topic of discussion is not fitness or finance, but disaster recovery. Lakshman is the co-founder and VP-Products of Bangalore-based Sanovi Technologies (, which helps organisations ‘proactively manage disaster recovery (DR) environments.'


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The key challenges that our customers face in adopting IT-based energy management solutions are linked to legacy and cost-of-change.

Wireless tech in energy management

When you have a namesake across the table, the conversation can, at times, be eerily like talking to oneself. Which is how it was when I recently had Murali Ramalingam as my lunch-hour guest. Yet, what made the difference was the ‘energy' he was bringing to the discussion, as the CEO of ConnectM Technology Solutions Private Ltd, Bangalore (, a Sasken and IDG Ventures company into energy management solutions.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'Cutting edge innovation has been happening in open source from day 1'

Think local, go ‘open'

Open source technologies are making significant inroads in governments around the world, avers Gopi Ganapathy, President & CEO, Essentia, US ( This is as a result of open source providing significant benefits such as low cost, flexibility of use and modification, lack of vendor lock-in, and most important of all the ability to create drive a vibrant local economy of solution providers in innovation, development, deployment, training and support, adds Ganapathy, during a recent interaction with eWorld.


'Pursue my passions with a passion!'

Seven habits of effective women

Making it easier for women to enter corporate life, or become entrepreneurs, is as important as giving them reservation in Parliament, says Shailja Dutt, Managing Director, Stellar Search, New Delhi ( Women need to be encouraged, but a mindset change is required, she adds, during the course of a recent email interaction with Business Line.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One of the ways to teach innovation is to systematise innovation

In innovating company

Innovation is one of those words suffering from the lack of a clear definition, and that makes it a much-abused and overused word, concedes Sukumar Rajagopal, Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation, Cognizant ( The way an organisation defines innovation depends on its philosophy and where it is on the innovation maturity curve, he adds, during a recent interaction with Business Line in Chennai's Nageswara Rao Park.


A woman officer has to be an officer and a lady, just as her male colleague is expected to be an officer and a gentleman.

Ready for combat role

Wg Cdr Neelu Khatri (retd) is from the first batch of lady officers in the Logistics branch of the Indian Air Force and has served for 16 years. A post-graduate from Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur, with an MBA in Supply Chain Management from MDI Gurgaon, she now heads the Defence Advisory Services in KPMG India.


The only way we can ensure that there are enough women on the board will be through affirmative action.

Enough women in boardrooms?

Do women in corporate boardrooms continue to be an exception rather than the norm? “Yes, very true,” agrees Anuradha Parthasarathy, Founder & CEO, Global Executive Talent ( Even the ones that are there are typically from the owner family, she adds, during the course of a recent email interaction with Business Line.


Monday, March 1, 2010

'At present all telecom equipment is manufactured outside the country and needs to be imported in large numbers'

`Facilitate hosting content locally'

Do people lose sleep, worrying about wireless connectivity (such as that it can be insecure, etc)? Shivkumar Jagannath, CTO, Wi5, Zylog Systems (India) Ltd, Chennai ( concedes that there are concerns regarding wireless connectivity in the minds of people; but the good news, he adds, is that the apprehensions are all addressable.


'Import duty on naphtha for use by the power sector reduced to 0 per cent'

Impact of stimulants

In the run-up to the Budget 2010, Business Line caught up with Kameswara Rao, India Leader for Energy, Utilities, and Mining Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers, for a quick e-mail interaction on the power sector.


'One of the long-standing asks of the IT industry is clarity on software taxation'

Technology industry expectations

It's that time of the year again when expectations surrounding Budget 2010 resonate. Yet, for many specific reasons, this Budget is being watched keenly, says Abhishek Goenka, a partner in BMR Advisors' corporate tax practice, leading the firm's technology industry practice.


'All erstwhile sales tax incentives should continue under VAT regime'

Auto awaits right signals

Indian auto industry is the third highest growth market in the world in 2009 after China and Germany, notes Mohan Ramakrishna, Partner, Walker Chandiok & Co, Chennai, during a recent pre-Budget e-mail interaction with Business Line.


'Clarity in law is as much needed as rigour in enforcement'

Agenda for education

Will the aspirations of the larger populace be fed by loose purse strings? Thus wonders Ashwin Ravindranath, Senior tax professionals, Ernst & Young. “The last Budget was preceded by a build-up of momentum of expectations in the education space, with the ringing in of the new Government's 100-day plan,” he reminisces, during a recent pre-Budget email interaction with Business Line.


'The hospitality sector could continue to be outside the service tax net'

Remove residential housing projects out of service tax net

The year 2009-10 was very challenging for the real estate sector which witnessed a steep decline in prices and strained liquidity/ credit positions, resulting in delay in the completion of projects, lack of sales and high borrowing costs, reminisces Mr Mahesh Jaising, Partner with BMR Advisors, Bangalore.