Monday, December 21, 2009

Historically, airline IT has been essentially ‘flight centric'

Cut costs to soar

With increased globalisation and opening up of the skies, the challenges being faced by domestic airlines are similar to those of their international counterparts, observes Pankaj Narayan Pandit, Head, Airlines Practice, Sonata Software Ltd.


The volatility tracking should create cost management plans in advance

Sustainable competitive advantage

What can enable businesses to achieve the winning leap to world-class excellence? TCM (Total Cost Management), answers A. N. Raman, Member, TCM Working Group of the Confederation of the Indian Industry (CII), Chennai. The TCM division has been propagating to Indian business ‘cost management through a structured framework,' he informs during the course of an afternoon interaction with Business Line on December 11.


Most airlines are primarily focused on passenger operations

Cost management in airlines

Can Indian airline players benefit from some of the successful best practices of other countries? To this question, a ready reference that Pankaj Narayan Pandit, Head-Airlines Practice, Sonata Software Ltd, makes is to Southwest Airlines, US, which has pioneered a low-cost model.


Is there a future for landline?

Biggest gap is in Internet access space…

Are the telecom players a happy lot, considering the low ARPU (average revenue per user) in the country? With this question begins my telephonic interaction with Neeraj Jain, Director, Strategic and Commercial Intelligence, Transaction Services, KPMG.


Citizens need broadband access to get on with their lives

USO fund can boost rural telecom

With the auction of 3G expected in January, the availability of increased bandwidth will expand the VAS applications that can be delivered to the customers, foresees Mr Neeraj Jain, Director, Strategic and Commercial Intelligence, Transaction Services, KPMG. “If the aggressive 3G pricing strategy adopted by BSNL/MTNL is an indication of the extent of affordability of 3G services, 3G has the potential to make a significant impact on mobile telephony and allied areas.”


'India is one of the countries eligible for transitional relief'

Impact of EU directive on auditors

To a company, what can be worse than having a qualified audit report? Perhaps, the non-acceptance of the financial statements, despite an opinion from the accounting professional, as in a likely situation that is set to impact corporates with a European financial footprint.
“In just a few more months, these companies run the risk of their financial statements not being accepted by the European Union (EU) member-states where their instruments are listed,” says Aniruddh Sankaran, a senior professional in a member firm of Ernst & Young Global, during the course of a recent interaction with Business Line.


Friday, December 4, 2009

A national ID scheme has many advantages for the citizen

Being invisible online won't help

Covering subjects ranging from reputation to national ID card schemes, from DNA collection to online safety of children, is Virtual Shadows (, a recent publication that is “small enough to fit in your pocket and read on the train when you are on your way to work,” as the author Karen Lawrence Öqvist describes.