Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Indian e-commerce volumes are still low compared to the world markets'

`E-com, still the next big thing in India'

One good thing about successful entrepreneurs is the resilience with which they cope with their problems. And, interestingly, even long after the dust has settled and their deep cuts have become shiny scars, there is the unmistakable involvement with which these entrepreneurs recount their battles, list the takeaways, and reason out the venturesome trajectories.
Nishanth Chandran, Co-founder and Executive Director, E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai (, whom I met on a crisp morning in Nageswara Rao Park a few weeks ago, provided me with all that over a two-hour interaction.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Code of practice is not used for certification purpose, but serves as guidance

Managing risk by design

Information security (IS) is a topic of continuing interest. For instance, “Lax security left employees’ data vulnerable,” reports Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Universities and their students can be identity theft hacker’s ‘Dream’,” cautions Reuters. And talks about ‘Huge rise in cash-machine crime.’ Guiding organisations in information security are standards in this space, such as the ISO 27001:2005. As a trainer in information security standards, Govind Srinivasan, CEO, Paramount Dataware Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, ( interacted with Business Line to explain the related issues.