Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Innovation has a very significant role to play in drawing the customer'

‘Creativity, content and connectivity’

But for the strong evening breeze in the middle of the Hudson, there doesn’t seem to be much to ruffle Jung Soo Shin, President & CEO (South West Asia), Samsung Electronics Pvt Ltd, New Delhi. Not even the fact that his company was to launch the next day new products in consumer entertainment, even as the world’s large economies continue to battle a decisive downturn, and Senators in the Capitol fiercely debate stimulus packages such as Cash for Clunkers.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Biometric payment is another payment type that is likely to witness growth in India

E-payments — at the heart of the action

Payments are at the centre of the economic universe, the ‘sun’ that provides all the energy and around which everything revolves. Thus describes V. Rama Kumar, Founder & CEO, Tarang Software, Bangalore. His company is into electronic payments, sector witnessing growth.


Friday, August 7, 2009

India has one of the largest concentrations of higher maturity companies in the world

‘Go for quality with customer centricity’

It is a warm afternoon when I meet K.K. Raman, Executive Director of IT Advisory Services, KPMG. And he is unusually pensive. “We need to really reflect whether we have done full justice to our intellectual potential and calibre,” begins ‘KK’, when I prod him for an appetising thought as a prelude to a lunch. We need to focus more on building high-v alue and IP-based services in addition to the traditionally strong areas, he adds.


A well-negotiated PSC provides protection against the oil companies from gold-plating the investment.

Closer look at gas-pricing dispute

In the ongoing gas-pricing dispute, is the Government partial to either of the Ambani brothers, as claimed? No, it is not, avers Bhamy Shenoy, a senior advisor to the Center for Energy Economics at University of Texas, Austin. “It is the bounden duty of the Government to safeguard the interests of the taxpayers. Billions of dollars are involved in this deal and the Government cannot be a mute spectator,” he adds, during a quick email interaction with Business Line.