Monday, December 8, 2008

What difference can BPM make for SMEs?

Not on paper

IBM buying FileNet, AptSoft and ILOG; Oracle acquiring BEA Systems; and SAP purchasing Yasu Technologies… Yes, we are talking about BPM, or business process management, which is all about “efficiently aligning an organisation with the wants and needs of clients”, as Wikipedia defines it.
BPM is already being touted as one of the key technologies in our current economic climate, reports “IDC reports that the BPM market is growing 44 per cent each year, and could grow to a $5.5-billion market by 2011.”
Within the country, how is BPM seen as evolving in the long term? For the kind of growth that our companies have witnessed, there is a dire need for them to automate, and bring in systems and processes in place, and BPM is best suited to facilitate this, says Vivek M. Jain, CEO, StrApp Business Solutions, Bangalore (, a company that works on BPM systems and custom Web applications, apart from working on automating defined ISO processes.


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