Monday, November 10, 2008

'Bengalis are passionate about technology'

Mobile users as content creators

Sample these observations: Out of 200 students, only one of them did not have a mobile phone, and he too was planning to buy one during Durga Puja. Over 60 per cent of the students currently use Nokia phones. More than 75 per cent use feature-rich phones — the colour ones with GPRS. And with most of them willing to spend in excess of Rs 15,000 on a handset, over 80 per cent want to purchase an N-Series Nokia phone as their next stop.
These are among the findings of Tunespray’s ‘College Road Show – Trip Report – September 2008’ from a mix of engineering, business, marketing and computer science students in Durgapur, Kolkata, Jadavpur, Siliguri, Kharagpur and Asansol.
“You should plan a trip to Kolkata and stop by our incubation centre,” invites Rahul Nandi, Founder and CEO of Tunespray.


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