Monday, September 22, 2008

'How can India better its rankings?'

Franking boosts ranking

Doing business in India is not getting easier. Our rank in the World Bank's recent report `Doing Business 2009' ( is 122, a fall from 120 last year, in a list of 181 countries, ending with Congo. Among the countries ahead of India are Mauritius (24), Colombia (53), Pakistan (77), Kenya (82), China (83), Sri Lanka (102), and Nepal (121). It may be a consolation, though, that Brazil (125), Indonesia (129), Sudan (147), Iraq (152) and Afghanistan (162) are behind us in the tally.
The country's performance in the sub-indicators has seen a major fall, especially in `trading across borders' (minus 9), `starting a business' (minus 7, from 121 last year to 114 now), `dealing with construction permits' (minus 5), and `protecting investors' (minus 5).
"On the overall ranking, India went down by two places from 120 to 122, especially because other countries reformed more and moved up faster," says Ms Sabine Hertveldt of the Doing Business Project, IFC (the International Finance Corporation), Washington DC, speaking to Business Line over the phone, shortly after the release of the report.


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