Thursday, September 18, 2008

'Cricket is certainly at the forefront of growth of sports in the country'

“The law should protect investments in sport”

Earlier this year, the Indian sports industry saw one of the biggest financial investments, to date, with the launch of the Indian Premier League (IPL). With it also came concepts such as ‘auction of players’, ‘franchisee model expansion’ and direct corporate involvement, into the Indian sports market. With India’s recent success in the non-cricketing arena at the Beijing Olympics, financial investment into other sports is also likely to increase.
“The first season of the IPL has given us a glimpse of what is possible,” says Nandan Kamath, a sports lawyer and Director at the Bangalore-based sports career management firm GoSports and adds that the pace of growth in other sports will primarily be determined by how well our Indian sportsmen, sportswomen and teams perform in those disciplines.


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