Monday, August 11, 2008

'To destroy formula film-making and invent new narrative techniques are the needs of the hour'

`The idea is to set up a global market for ethnic Tamil films'

According to estimates, there are over eight crore Tamils around the world. From the oldest Tamil communities in southern India and in the North-Eastern fringes of Sri Lanka, Tamils also form a major emigrant community in countries such as Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, Mauritius, Australia, Canada, the US, and even Europe. With such a captive audience at its disposal, no wonder that some film-makers are looking at ways to crack that market.
Meet Mr Perumal Samy Srinivasan. After `divorcing' journalism early, the `rebel' from Coimbatore could not resist the pull of the visual canvas. "Well, it all started as just an adventure into a creative domain. Maybe the adventurous thought was the spark. No clue where I would end up," says Mr Srinivasan who is making a Tamil movie that starts and ends in just 90 minutes with live recording of sound on the spot.


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