Monday, July 21, 2008

'Indian call centres, since their boom 10 years ago, have truly come of age'

Call centres: One size doesn’t fit all!

Small size matters, especially in call centres. With mid-sized companies increasingly outsourcing part of their work to India, they are not necessarily looking at 1,000 associates working for them. A 50-100 seat centre is not only easy to manage but also more receptive to the smallest of processes.
“Size always creates an element of macro management and that we believe is not desired by small and medium companies outsourcing from the UK. We have witnessed over the last few years that the smaller the centre is, the greater is the attention and devotion given to small processes and it is this that we seek in our efforts to secure 50 more call centres to partner with us,” says Paul Kopec, Chairman of Scotland-based VoiceStream Group.


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