Monday, July 28, 2008

'A cell type is a specialised functional form of cell'

‘We plan to bring out innovative tailor-made cells for diseases’

Can you gain anything from someone whose job has not been determined? In sports, the guy who sits on the bench can only sit and watch the game, till he is called for.
But we are in the 21st century and medical science can do wonders, breaking barriers and age-old thinking. So even though a stem cell is a cell whose job is yet not determined, new-age companies are opening new vistas of treatment with them.

Stem cell company Stempeutics Research (backed by Manipal Education & Medical Group) is in the forefront of such innovation. Its sprightly President, Mr B. N. Manohar, in a luncheon interaction with Business Line, opened up a new world of therapy and possible cure for diseases, which conventional medicine cannot cure.


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