Thursday, June 5, 2008

'There is ample testimony that the public at large wants to watch great cricket'

‘Business part of IPL franchisees may be outsourced to specialists’

With the curtains down on the drama of the Indian Premier League the focus will now be on next year’s edition. Big teams funded by huge war chests of ‘moolah’ need to be managed well to deliver returns on investment. Can the franchisees do it alone? One expert thinks, ‘No.’
“Since the IPL had to be turned around in record time and because egos were larger than budgets, huge captive teams were hurriedly put together. However, the franchisee owners are bound to realise that with the next IPL being so far away, they do not need monoliths to manage the event. The business of the franchise is going to be outsourced to specialists and organisations with their ear to the ground,” says Latika Khaneja, Director of celebrity management firm Collage Sports Management, New Delhi (


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