Monday, June 9, 2008

'Test cricket is and will always remain the real thing'

IPL vs ICL: A real contest is possible only in a free market!

The old adage of first mover advantage does not hold true. Ask the Indian Premier League! Despite coming late but well-armed and neatly packaged, the newest avatar of cricket has caught on like wild-fire, much to the chagrin of the supporters of the ‘unofficial’ Indian Cricket League, the under-dog. Despite claiming to be progressive, does the new breed of couch-potato Indians still give in to the allure of ‘officialdom’? “Given that the IPL i s “official”, it is inevitable that it will have more clout than the ICL. A real contest is possible only in a free market. This isn’t a free market. In this fight, one side has an advantage,” reasoned cricket historian, Dr Boria Majumdar when Business Line asked him.


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