Monday, May 5, 2008

'Creative management is a form of management associated with sustainable self-organisation'

‘Creative ideas generally emerge tacitly, when people are relaxed’

What are the attributes of a creative manager? “Openness, perceptiveness, flexibility, responsiveness, involvement, a capacity and willingness to draw out the creativity in others, a focus on possibilities, the potential of networking and other opportunities rather than procedure,” says Jane Henry, editor of Creative Management and Development ( Facilitation and communication skills help, and so does a participative and inclusive style of management, she adds.
Henry heads the Centre for Human Resources and Change Management at the Open University School of Management in Milton Keynes, UK. A chartered psychologist with extensive consultancy experience, she is also the author of several books. Her research looks at ways in which organisations can develop their creativity and innovation and how individuals with different styles can best enhance their development over time.


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