Monday, May 12, 2008

'Business is not about one man, but how one man builds teams around him'

‘Tough times to build cohesive teams’

If you were to pass by R. Ram Kumar at a neighbourhood temple, you would likely take him for a pious, young devotee searching for profound meaning. While he may be all that, Kumar is also a founder and director of Gemini Communication Ltd, founder-cum-chairman of Gemini Traze RFID Pvt Ltd, and director of Pointred Telecom Pvt Ltd.
During a recent meeting with him, one happened to hear the tale of how in 1992 he founded Gemini Hitech Computer Co, to design and manufacture monochrome monitors for computers in a car-shed. “Those were the early days of computer industry in India. An ideal platform for launching a small-scale business,” Kumar narrated, sitting across a lunch with eWorld.


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shyamsundar said...

True . Golden words .