Sunday, May 25, 2008

'Any government will need to raise a certain amount of revenue to meet its spending plans'

Should we be taxed for using the environment?

Countries such as the Netherlands, Portugal, and Finland have brought in differentiations into their car registration taxes so as to encourage buyers to opt for the `cleanest' car models. Indeed, taking into account congestion, pollution, and the fact that such green tax revenues allow other taxes to be cut - it seems quite a feasible option for the governments across the world. With over 80 per cent people in the world still aspiring to own their cars, mostly in Asia, the next few decades will be challenging for both carmakers as well as the environment-keepers. The stewardship of the natural environment is the responsibility of everyone. But do we practise what we preach? Speaking on this central theme, Mr David F. Williams of KPMG's Tax Business School in the UK shares a few thoughts with Business Line.


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