Monday, March 10, 2008

The 5 Rs of memory, or learning

Keep pushing your brain

The 5 Rs of memory, or learning, are Reception, Registration, Reinforcement, Retention, and Recall, says Prof K. Ganapathy, President, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, Chennai.
“Learning is directly proportional to one’s interest in the subject, how much one is motivated, how badly one wants to achieve the goal set for oneself,” he elaborates, when recently interacting with Business Line.


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Vaibhav From Vcare said...

This information of 5 R 's is very useful. YES, We need to really apply it to increase our memory of the brain. With 5 R's Reception,Registration,Reinforcement,Retention and Recall we can do better and perform the best in our choosen field. I am working in a Call Center, I hope these 5 R's will give efficiency
if it will apply by the Call Center agents to take the call of customers.

Vaibhav From Vcare India