Tuesday, December 4, 2007

'A focused approach and clarity of career choices - the traits in an employee'

‘We seek self-achievers’

“Inducing transformation in people management may have caused some short-term unrest and disruption, but the gains we began reaping have masked this and continue to give us a competitive edge,” says Srinivas Kandula, Global Head-HR, iGATE Global Solutions, commenting on the price the company had to pay while ascending to the 3rd rank, from the previous year’s 29th position, in the ‘DQ-IDC 20 Best IT Employers Survey 2007’.
For the dramatic improvement in the ranking, Kandula gives credit to HR (human resource) policy changes, employee friendly initiatives and the adoption of a ‘German’ model in the company.
“The good practices of the past and the integrated people management model in the last one year led us to the third spot,” he adds, during the course of an e-mail interaction with The New Manager. Excerpts from the interview:

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