Monday, November 26, 2007

What IT requires is industrialisation

Shun `culture of waste

What are the vulnerabilities of the Indian IT industry, and what can be the counter measures?
Pat comes the reply from Rahul Patwardhan (Pat), CEO Global Service Delivery (GSD) India and Director - Application Services, LogicaCMG, thus: "The Indian IT (information technology) industry is currently resting on its laurels. It has to think ahead and move away from the current unipolar thinking."

Indian IT companies need to look internal to their business and see how they can reduce manpower on the bench (currently at average of 30 per cent), adds Pat, during the course of a rapid telephonic conversation with eWorld recently. "The industry needs to strive for utilisation that is similar to the manufacturing sector. IT seems to have gotten used to a `culture of waste' and productivity has taken a backseat," he rues.

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