Monday, November 12, 2007

There are eight priorities that Western companies need to focus on now

India plus China in ICT

Is it `India and China' or `India vs China'? It is the former, says James M. Popkin, co-author of IT and the East ( There is an increasing recognition, he observes, that India and China possess significantly complementary skills in most areas of the ICT (information and communication technology) ecosystem.

"For example, China's overall success in the hardware segment and India's overall success on the software front, China's success being driven by high levels of FDI (foreign direct investment) even in the ICT sector, and India's primarily home-grown investment environment etc." Pooling best practices and learnings on what has contributed to the success in each of these areas will provide an order of magnitude of greater bene- fit to both countries, foresees Popkin, interacting with eWorld over e-mail.

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