Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'A quarter million dollar investment return in less than a quarter!'

‘Speech expands reach’

In the world according to C. Mohan Ram, you ‘just talk’.
Simply talk, “Summa Pesunga”, “Bas Baath Keejiye” – that’s what he wants to promote through LatticeBridge Infotech Pvt Ltd (LB), Chennai, a company he founded in 2002.

“Speech Expands Reach,” declares Ram. He talks about reaching more people, more markets, and more profit, all through speech, while recently interacting with eWorld over lunch.
“We are also working on something like simple ‘tags’ with only speaker and mic and connectivity to a central sever (with ‘personal assistant’ for everyone) to do connections, transactions and search for information, etc, simply speaking through this simple device,” describes Ram about how newer devices, such as a minimal mobile, can help overcome the shortcomings of low PC penetration.

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