Monday, November 26, 2007

The largest complications arise at the technology level

Spectre of competition - sacrifice at the spectrum altar?

Any decision on spectrum should not sacrifice the long-term interest in favour of the immediate benefits, says Mr Bivek Anand, Associate Director, KPMG Advisory Services. Talking to Business Line about the ramifications of the currently strumming spectrum debate in the telecom space, Mr Anand insists that the regulator must guard against diluting the index of competition in the industry, in the long run, by acting in the interest of short-term benefit to the consumer.

“After all, a sustained and healthy competition among the various players is the key to enduring benefits to the consumer,” he adds, in the course of a subsequent e-mail interaction. “Any decision, which leads to a significantly higher competitiveness of any one player, while resulting in immediate benefits to consumers (in terms of more services, higher QoS or quality of service, lower tariff), will be detrimental to the industry’s competitiveness in the long run.”

Excerpts from the interview.

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