Monday, October 1, 2007

One should keep focus on action and process rather than fruits or results

To grow organically, corporates must have ‘soul’

What is a company? Is it a building made of brick and mortar, structure, systems, plant and machinery? Or is it people? These are the questions that Moid Siddiqui asks in a recent interaction with The New Manager. And he answers: “People make a company, for this reason it is called a ‘living organisation’. If the corporate world is to grow organically, it must have a soul. An organisation without soul, without people is a dead body, and I am sure, no one would like to lead the dead ones.”

Siddiqui is the author of Corporate Soul ( and managing director of the Secunderabad-based Intellects Biz, an organisation into management education and consulting that he floated after leaving the Nagarjuna Group as Executive Vice-President. He has worked in senior and board level positions in BHEL, NHPC, CCI, HMT and BEML. Excerpts from an e-mail interview:

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