Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Man’s ambitions are reflected in one’s style of time management

Work-life balance: The crux of time management

Time management is life management, says Ramesh K. Arora. “Managing time better, therefore, implies a philosophy and a strategy to apportion equitable time for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, familial, social and professional demands and responsibilities of life, and to get the best value of time through proper planning and prioritising,” he explains, in a recent e-mail interaction with The New Manager.

Arora, who has a Masters in Public Administration and a PhD from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, US, is Chairman, Management Development Academy, Jaipur. He has been a consultant and trainer in the fields of management, government systems and behavioural sciences for the past three decades. He is the author of Time Management: For Happiness and Success ( http://www.paragonintpub.com/). Excerpts from the interview:

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