Wednesday, October 31, 2007

High integrity and a record of accomplishment - The basic traits

Wanted, women directors

“It is not enough for best-employers and HR (human resource) leaders to simply focus on increasing the ‘number’ of women in the workforce — either at the entry-level or at the mid-executive level. The priority should also be on including women in top-management positions at the board of directors, president-level or CEO-level.”

Thus reads a snatch from the ‘mandate’ of ‘Forum for Women in Leadership’ (WILL Forum), which is to hold its launch meeting on November 23-24 at the Infosys Technologies campus in Bangalore, with about 40 women business executives in leadership positions nominated from across corporate India expected to participate in ‘an open dialogue on their aspirations, opportunities, nurturing mindsets, mentoring, and harnessing the rewards of collective thinking for improving the workplace.’


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