Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Employees are the lifeline of any organisation

Psychometric tests minimise human bias in selection

What are the qualities that an employer looks for in a prospective employee? Employers usually look for traits specific to ‘that’ particular role. For instance, to hire a bank professional at the administrative level, you would l ook for good numeric skills, high attention to detail and being agreeable; while for a senior level manager you might look for strategic and independent thinking, result-orientation, ability to work under pressure, etc.

“Having a well-planned list of desired characteristics goes a long way in ensuring that the process of assessment is sound. This is what makes an assessment valid and objective,” says Mr Vikas Dhawan , Psychometrician at The Psychometrics Centre, Cambridge Assessment, UK ( http://www.thepsychometricscentre.co.uk/), sharing his personal views with Business Line, over the e-mail.

Excerpts from the interview.

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