Wednesday, September 12, 2007

India’s industrial growth is committed to balanced regional spread

‘Handling of land acquisition is the litmus test of India’s SEZ policy’

Can Nandigram-type episodes upset the ongoing or future SEZ projects? “SEZs (Special Economic Zones) are a constantly unfolding saga,” says Mr Yogesh Ashar, who has recently co-authored with Mr Kanu Doshi Treatise on Special Economic Zones (
“While farmers at Nandigram and at many other places have opposed SEZs, a news report says that at about 40 km from Pune, in Avasari Khurd village, it is a different story,” he narrates.

“Around 1,500 farmers from the village passed an unanimous resolution on July 5, seeking SEZ status for their village which is located 20 km from the proposed international airport at Rajgurunagar. The agriculturists from the village have decided to form a company: Avasari Khurd Industrial Development Pvt. Ltd, using 3,550 acres of land out of 6,250 acres of their total land.”

Mr Ashar and Mr Doshi, both chartered accountants, are associated with Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, as faculty. Business Line interacted with the authors for their views on some of the current issues relating to SEZ. Here are excerpts from an email interview.

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